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Flat Patience
  • Flat Patience
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Cotton flannel mastiff shaped doll; stuffed with fiberfill. NOT a dog toy. Flat Patience is intended to travel the world and be photographed in exciting situations; and not  to be eaten.

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grey muzzled example

This is the  GREY MUZZLE design.

This is the GREY MUZZLE design.

SEW CUTE! Sew functional.

WHAT Is a FLAT Patience????

"FLAT PATIENCE!"  ( 17.00; shipping  included)

Flat Patience is a totally hand crafted mastiff - like being ; inspired by the Flat Stanley character.
She is made of soft brown flannel, and she has pretty little black button eyes; a red felt heart, a fancy ribbon collar, and even a little metal charm on her neck!!

Flat Patiences are being dispatched all over , to loving homes who want to include her in their daily activities.
If you get a Flat Patience, we hope that you will photograph her everywhere she goes, and send her photos to us on Facebook: "Flat Patience".  You can follow all of the travels of all of the Flat Patiences, as well!



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